29LT Ada : A Ruqʿah Type System

29LT Ada is a contemporary type design based on the Ruqʿah Arabic calligraphic style. It is a superfamily of Sharp, Flat, and Round typeface s, each in 6 weights, adding up to 18 styles. With all of its variants, Ada is the largest Ruqʿah-based type system to date. Challenging the boundaries of the style, it acts as a strong visual communication tool with different typographic voices.

29LT Zarid Sans Devanagari: A Robust Auxiliary

Zarid Sans is a fresh, clean, contemporary design. Its robust outlines stem from calligraphic structures. Its letterforms are open, and friendly yet precise. This understanding of the visual grammar of the family was a pre-requisite for the design of the Devanagari. When designing for scripts that are structurally very different from each other, it is important that the respective characteristics of the scripts are retained and celebrated while co-existing in the design space.

Variable Fonts: Varied & Flexible

One file can now do what many files had to do separately: it contains a whole type family, if not a whole super family. Whereas before, each standard (or static) font was accommodated in one file, and each file is one style of the typeface. Now everything is opened up. One compressed TrueType or WOFF2 (Web OpenFont Format 2) file has a whole family of fonts in a versatile design space, including all the styles in itself and everything in between.

29LT ZARID Text: A legible and Lucid Typeface

29LT Zarid Text displays advanced but softer features. Improved legibility in small point size and habitual appearance are its key characteristics. More calligraphy-influenced with a greater variation in line width, it does offer improved legibility and clearer interlinear space. The range of weights also provides suitable typographic hierarchical solutions in bi-script Arabic and Latin layouts. This reader-friendly typeface is quite useful for diverse long running texts, such as magazines and books, and it works well with both digital and print applications. Its fashionable feel makes it aesthetically functional in display typographic setting too.

29LT BUKRA: A Versatile Multilingual Type System

With its modern simplistic arrangement in all of its weight variations, 29LT Bukra is go-to typeface for corporate strong headlines and slogans as well as branding applications. The font’s clean and polished outlines allow for powerful corporate identities, while the typeface’s crisp structure portrays bold and memorable messages. It is a type family with endless visuals representations allowing it to be used in an infinite number of graphical applications. Bukra is mainly a display typeface but the lighter styles can be also used for short body texts.

29LT BASEET: A Dynamic and Energetic Type Systems

29LT Baseet is driven by the idea that less is more. The design elements are pared down to the essential. The fonts were designed within a simplified Arabic character set and a monospaced Latin design, along with rounded terminals, enhancing the script’s simplicity and friendly appeal. All of these qualities make Baseet suitable for a diverse range of projects, from fun and urban to serious and corporate ones.