29LT Zarid Sans Devanagari: A Robust Auxiliary

Zarid Sans is a fresh, clean, contemporary design. Its robust outlines stem from calligraphic structures. Its letterforms are open, and friendly yet precise. This understanding of the visual grammar of the family was a pre-requisite for the design of the Devanagari. When designing for scripts that are structurally very different from each other, it is important that the respective characteristics of the scripts are retained and celebrated while co-existing in the design space.

Multi-Script 29LT Fonts

29LT is progressing from a bi-script Arabic and Latin digital type industry into a multi-script fonts entity. The global market we live in and the continuous integration of different cultures is demanding the need for multi-script type systems.

First additions are the Cyrillic and Greek scripts to 29LT Zarid Sans typeface making it cover four scripts; the Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin scripts.