29LT Publications: Topics

29LT publications are modern-day typographic prints that aim to showcase 29LT fonts within content that has been found, written, and based upon texts that explore distinctive themes. The subject matter present in each publication stems from specific research that reflects the concepts behind the design and development of the typefaces.

The content is as important as the typography. Each publication is compiled of concise chapters explaining different subjects, and each chapter is typeset with a selection of fonts that echo its content. The design is solely typographic without imagery and tackles the aesthetics of each font depending on its purpose and function within relative layouts, highlighting its persona. 

A new issue is printed annually or biannually depending on the number of new typefaces published. The latest font releases are mainly used in the layouts, while the earlier ones are listed in the index and occasionally used in the layouts. This design approach gives awareness of the new fonts, in addition to making the publication playful and active. Each publication is unique in its design, and the booklet series is aesthetically interchangeable from year to year. 

Multilingual content is created for each issue, covering a number of languages and scripts that 29LT fonts support. Each chapter is written in two or three languages simultaneously that are not a mere translation of the same content, but complementary information under the same subject. Expressly, it to shed light on topics of awareness that people can find deeper meaning in. It is important to showcase how a typeface can communicate imperative content.

The choice of colors, typographic layout, and content act as a reminder of 29LT’s brand identity and philosophy. Each issue is printed in 2 colors: Black and Pantone. With each publication, the new Pantone color is reflected in the whole 29LT visual identity, such as on the website and all marketing platforms, keeping the brand fresh and active.

Since each 29LT typeface has its own comprehensive type specimen downloadable from the website, the printed publications do not show the technical details of the fonts, but simply showcase them in experimental typographic layouts.

Individuals who love type and interesting topics will enjoy flipping the vibrant pages. 

Intriguing script journeys 

29LT Type Specimen Issue #02 – 2021

The 2021 publication revolves around the topic of the diverse cultural, political, and linguistic journeys a certain language undertakes, and the different scripts that are adopted to personify it. This topic came to light from the Aljamiado research throughout 2020 and 2021 while the typefaces 29LT Okaso and Oskura were being created. Aljamiado manuscripts were written using the Arabic script, but when read out loud, they sound like archaic Spanish filled with Arabic Islamic words (lexicons). By definition, Aljamiado, or Aljamía texts, are manuscripts using the Arabic script for transcribing Romance languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. You can read the full article about the 29LT Okaso typeface, where a comprehensive explanation of this topic is tackled.

From the Aljamiado topic, other scripts’ stories were found and researched. The interest was in languages that adopted and changed to different scripts based on historical, cultural, and/or political influences. From the collected research, it is important to understand that our identities are intertwined with different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. We are recognized by our past, our roots, and our mother language. From a diverse list of languages researched, three topics were selected for the publication: the Turkish language, the Post-Soviet languages, and the Vietnamese language. The publication contains four chapters, each written in two or three languages in connection with the topic. The use of several languages and scripts echoes the drive of 29LT to support several world scripts. Every chapter showcases the interlaced visual approach of two or more scripts that coexist visually to trigger historical ties. 

The entire publication has a unifying design approach while each chapter retains a specific layout design. Each chapter layout is inspired by a visual research representing the subject. 

The four chapters are as follows:

Hybrid Manuscripts and Identity (EN)
Una escritura que mantuvo viva una cultura (ES)
شهادة على روح إبداعي (AR)

Politics and Linguistic Acrobatics (EN)
Политика и лингвистическая акробатика (RU)

A Tug-of-War Between Tradition and Secularism (EN)
الثورة الحرفية في تركيا (AR)
Gelenek ve Laiklik Arasındaki Rekabet (TR) 

A Reflection of Power Dynamics (EN)
Ein Spiegelbild der Machtverhältnisse (DE)

With the diverse languages present inside the publication, the title of the journal was translated into five languages to reflect the inner content: 

Intriguing Script Journeys (EN)
تقلبات حرْفية مذهلة (AR)
Misteriosas travesías de la escritura (ES)
Интригующие истории письменнстей (RU)
Büyüleyici Yazı Günlükleri (TR)

The multiple facets of the letter

29LT Type Specimen Issue #01 – 2019

The 2019 publication focuses on the essential element of writing and reading: the letter. It explorers the psychology of writing and the link to human nature: culturally, historically, politically, artistically, scientifically, etc. These materials came to light during the revamping of the whole 29LT visual identity in 2019. A new 29LT logo was created, and a pure typographic website was designed to showcase 29LT fonts. In order to stage each typeface and create a comprehensive type specimen for it, strong content was required, which had a link to typography. The need to research and find timeless literature on the importance of writing, the essence of the letters, the philosophy behind languages, and the link between the mind and the pen became of great importance. 

Extensive content was encountered from historical philosophers, poets, politicians, writers, and master calligraphers. Part of it was reserved for the printed publication and complemented with specifically written text, and the rest was used for the digital type specimens on the website.

The main focus of all the content embraced the prominence of type.

Six chapters emerged for the publication:

The Debate Between the Pen and the Sword (EN)
مناظرة السيف والقلم (AR)

Teaching Handwriting: Why it Matters (EN)
تأثير الكتابة وعلم الخط على الدماغ (AR)

Graphologie, Personnalité, et Santé (FR)

الشخصية والحالة الصحي الجرافولوجي وعلاقته ببعض سمات (AR)

Hurufiyya (EN)
الحروفية (AR)

The Geometry of Letters (EN)
في هندسة الحروف (AR)

Poem on the Science of the Pen, Ink, Writing, and Paper (EN)
قصيدة ابن البواب في صناعة الخط (AR)

The bilingual Arabic and English booklet title:

The Multiple Facets of the Letter (EN)
أوجه الحرف (AR)

This is not the first page

29LT Type Specimen Issue #00 – 2015

The 2015 publication was the first printed product of 29LT. It categorized all of the 29LT fonts catalogue and showcased the fonts as tools to create beautiful layouts. Following a technical index of the fonts, each spread was typeset with one typeface with the content and layout reflecting its characteristics. Hence, each spread tells its own little story so the reader can take the time to enjoy their reading experience while viewing the fonts.

You can read the full article blog on this publication here.