29LT Type Specimen

29LT publishes it 1st type specimen showcasing an overview of its multilingual Arabic & Latin typefaces.

The following text is written by Maajoun about their creative process of desiging the 29LT Type Specimen:
The process of designing the 29LT type specimen started off with lengthy brainstorming sessions, followed by a thorough analysis of existing type specimens. It was important for both Pascal and us to distinguish this specimen from existing ones, which is why we opted against the traditional catalogue-like approach. We then took time to go through 29LT’s font collection and realized that each font had a different personality, a different inspiration, and a different raison d’être. From here came the idea to group all the technical information and specs at the beginning of the booklet, and allow ourselves complete freedom in designing the rest of the spreads to best showcase the fonts as tools to create beautiful layouts.
Each spread is highly inspired by the font it showcases, and tells its own little story so the reader can take the time to enjoy their reading experience while they view the fonts. For this purpose, it was important for us to pick the right text for the right font, which is why we worked in close collaboration with editor Saseen Kawzally who researched and compiled content for this booklet. However different in impact, all spreads are tied together by a loosely fixed grid, and by color usage (a combination of a classical black, a flashy orange, and a discrete blue-grey). On the other hand, 29LT’s visual identity strictly uses black and white, which is why we opted for a simple straight-forward cover featuring the foundry’s profile, and highly contrasting with the colorful interior.

Below are some spreads from the Booklet:
 29LT-Specimen-1 29LT-Specimen-2 29LT-Specimen-4 29LT-Specimen-6 29LT-Specimen-8 29LT-Specimen-13 29LT-Specimen-17 29LT-Specimen-18 29LT-Specimen-21 29LT-Specimen-25 29LT-Specimen-27

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