29LT ARAPIX: A Multilingual Pixel Font

29LT Arapix is a 12 pixel high multilingual Latin-Arabic pixel font with incredible capabilities.


The Arapix is an almost traditional Naskh. It is elegant and easy to read even in very small sizes. It includes almost every feature you would expect from a high range Naskh font. Its humanistic look and feel fits perfectly to its Latin counterpart.


Arapix was originally designed for a web project that didn’t see the light a few years back. It started with the idea of fitting both Latin and Arabic into a 12 pixel vertical grid. The latin glyphs fitted properly within the vertical limits, but when it came to the arabic glyphs, it proved to be more challenging. Arabic letters with lower diacritic dots like the (Yeh-fina) or letters with accents above like the (Alef-Hamza-above) need much more space than any Latin letter, add to this the fact that accents needs to be positioned above and below the glyphs. It is technically impossible to fit a (Yeh-fina-kasratan) or a (Alef-Hamza-above-shadda-damma) into 12 pixels. Initially the accents were dropped and not included in the design, but although it seemed impossible at the start, Sylvain Mazas found a solution in the end, including as many contextual alternates and contextual kerning as needed to avoid every collision between letters and diacritics, letters and accents, and diacritics and accents. The contextual kerning was added to achieve an even letter and word spacing in longer text.







Arapix is amazingly legible in small size on screen and in print. On the other hand, it also works perfectly as display titling font due to its unique and contemporary pixel approach. It can be used for screens with very low resolution as well as for high-resolution screens and prints. Arapix is a funky multilingual typeface inspired from the primitive pixel technology with modern characteristics.


The new Arapix comes with a bunch of new features and new glyphs including Persian and Urdu letters, stylistic set, old style figures, contextual kerning, contextual alternates and a few icons too. Additional weights and special letters or icons can be added to the font if asked for by the users.




Enjoy 29LT Arapix and have fun with it.

29LT Arapix Type Specimen

Visit 29LT Arapix webpage on www.29LT.com website and download the type specimen for full information about the typeface.

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