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Arabic Type Anatomy & Typographic Terms

Since most documentation and references about the Arabic script stem from the calligraphic methodology, this article will tackle the problem of allocating typographic terms to Arabic type and typography.

بينما نجد معظم الوثائق والمراجع التي تتناول جذور الخط الطباعي العربي من ناحية المنهجية الطباعية، تعالج هذه المقالة مشاكل تحديد صفات الحرف والخط الطباعي العربي.

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29LT Posters Designed by Reza Abedini

Reza Abedini designs vibrant posters with 29LT fonts
A Collaborative approach between a graphic designer and a type designer 

29LT multilingual typefaces were offered to the renowned Iranian graphic designer, Reza Abedini, for him to explore their potential and create compelling typographic posters.


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29LT Type Specimen

29LT publishes it 1st type specimen showcasing an overview of its multilingual Arabic & Latin typefaces.

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29LT Zeyn : A Graceful Multilingual Typeface


29LT Zeyn is an elegant, contemporary Arabic and Latin typeface. Each weight contains 900-plus glyphs covering the Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Western European languages. The Arabic set contains an extensive set of ligatures in addition to short and long stylistic sets to give the font an added elegant appeal and feel.

Zeyn «زين» is an Arabic word meaning beautiful, graceful, and elegant.

Arabic character set designed by Pascal Zoghbi from 29LT. Latin Character set designer by Ian Party from SwissTypefaces.

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GRAFFITI : Changing Worlds, Changing Language اللغة تتحول، العالم يتغير


Graffiti: Changing Language, Changing Worlds اللغة تتحول، العالم يتغير

Designers: Pascal Zoghbi and DUAL

Mural Painting: DUAL

Wall Size: 10 feet x 156 feet


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29LT Makina : Multilingual Typewriter Typeface

29LT Makina is a revival of an Arabic, Persian and Latin typewriter. “Makina” in Arabic means ‘machine’, which is inspired from the translation of a typewriter from English to Arabic. The type-family contains 3 weights (Light, Regular & Bold) with each containing ligatures, stylistic sets and contextual alternates. Continue reading “29LT Makina : Multilingual Typewriter Typeface”

29LT Azer : Multilingual Typeface


Azer in Arabic means friendly, ready to assist and lend a hand. This multilingual typeface combines simple lines with careful detailing to create a serious but approachable look. 29LT Azer fonts are unique! Continue reading “29LT Azer : Multilingual Typeface”

Nada Debs Arabic Kufi Type

This piece was created specially for “the future of tradition – the tradition of future” exhibition at hausderkunst in Munich. It challenges our perception of delicate islamic carpets. Following the trademark signature of Nada Debs, it combines elements of the Middle and Far East. Continue reading “Nada Debs Arabic Kufi Type”

Arabic Chocolate Cookies

I moved in my new studio this week, and we had a small cooking party. It was fun to make Light Arabic cookie letters by hand and have them come out from the oven Extra Bold. The Arabic chocolate letters tasted great and also looked fat and awesome!

Arabic Chocolate Letters “Ghain”, “Jeem” and “Yeh”

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Massira Spray in This Is Not a Love Song

Massira Spray, one of my graduation Arabic fonts at Type & Media / KABK, was used for This Is Not a Love Song exhibition at The Empty Quarter in DIFC in Dubai, UAE.

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Khatt exhibition at the Doha Calligraphy Biennale

The Typographic Matchmaking 02 promotional/teaser posters were displayed in the Khatt Foundation section at the Waqif Art Center in Souk Waqif, Doha, Qatar. The exhibition was part of the Doha Calligraphy Biennale.
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Experimental Arabic/Latin Type Workshop

Arabic Letter “Yeh” of Seria Arabic type drawn with coffee, ink and dantelle pattern.

Students in the Advanced Typography course at the Lebanese American University [LAU] were asked to experiment with textures/patterns and try to apply them on existing bi-script Arabic/Latin fonts in-order to create their own experimental fonts. The students were handed the outlines of Seria Arabic and Fedra Arabic.

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Arabic Logotypes , Arabic/English Logotypes & English Logotypes

The Latest Arabic Logotypes , Arabic/English Logotypes & English Logotypes created by 29letters.

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29letters T-Shirts

I did some Arabic Vernacular T-Shirts design in my spare time.
I would appreciate your comments on them.
You would buy any? There is a style you prefer against another? or…

The number of Arabic letters that creates the Arabic script is 29. Continue reading “29letters T-Shirts”

Arabic Type-Bomb / lecture & workshop at AUS

I give a lecture on Arabic type at AUS (American University of Sharjah) on the 28th of April 2009. Design professionals and students from the UAE attended the lecture and participate in the Arabic type discussions that followed. A kufi workshop followed on the 29th and 30th of May for the seniors of AUS.

kufi aus 01
Mrs. and Mr. Kufi Monsters. ;)
Najla did the left pattern and Dina the right one.

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ALWatan Headlines Arabic Typeface


AlWatan typeface is a corporate Arabic headlines typeface for Al Watan newspaper in Saudi Arabia KSA. The font is exclusive for 1 year for the newspaper starting from 2009. The brief was to create a new, young and crispy Arabic type that will appeal to young Arab readers.
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The 1st Arabic font published by FontFont :: FF SeriaArabic


The first Arabic typeface in the FontFont library, Pascal Zoghbi’s design was originally called Sada, the Arabic word for “echo”. Accordingly, this face is the echo of FF Seria by Martin Majoor. FF Seria Arabic is a young crispy type based on the Nasekh style. Continue reading “The 1st Arabic font published by FontFont :: FF SeriaArabic”

Corporate Identity Design Proposal / Beirut Art Center

The opening of Beirut Art Center is in February 2009. I have participated in the design pitch for the corporate identity for the art center. A different design approach was chosen by the comity of the center, but below is a sneak preview of what I presented to the center.

This is the corporate identity of Beirut Art Center that was proposed by 29letters. Continue reading “Corporate Identity Design Proposal / Beirut Art Center”

Arabic for Univers / Corporate Arabic Type

A modern simplified Naskh style corporate type.
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“Deen Tight” Arabic Hip Hop Documentary Movie

I was asked to create an Arabic Hip Hop style title for the Deen Tight Movie. The title is spelled in English but it should reflect the Arabic Square kufi style and incorporate the Hip Hop look in it.

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“Bukra Extra Bold” Display type for Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai

“Bukra Extra Bold” is an Arabic display typeface for “Ibn Battuta Mall” in Dubai. The English slogans and ads in the mall were done uses the Latin font “Futura Extra Bold”. They asked for an Arabic font that has the same feel and sturdiness as “Futura Extra bold”.
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