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29LT Baseet : A Dynamic & Energetic Type System


29LT Baseet Type System: 

29LT Baseet type system consists of 16 styles; 8 Standard styles and 8 Slanted styles. The styles are: Thin, Thin Slanted, Extra Light, Extra Light Slanted, Light, Light Slanted, Regular, Slanted, Medium, Medium Slanted, Bold, Bold Slanted, Extra Bold, Extra Bold Slanted, Black, and Black Slanted. Continue reading “29LT Baseet : A Dynamic & Energetic Type System”

GRAFFITI : Changing Worlds, Changing Language اللغة تتحول، العالم يتغير


Graffiti: Changing Language, Changing Worlds اللغة تتحول، العالم يتغير

Designers: Pascal Zoghbi and DUAL

Mural Painting: DUAL

Wall Size: 10 feet x 156 feet


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Mouneer Al Shaarani Workshop

I took part in the Arabic Calligraphy and Lettering workshop that was offered by the renowned Syrian Calligrapher Mouneer Al Shaarani at Art on 56th Gallery in Gemmayzeh, Beirut.
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Nada Debs Arabic Kufi Type

This piece was created specially for “the future of tradition – the tradition of future” exhibition at hausderkunst in Munich. It challenges our perception of delicate islamic carpets. Following the trademark signature of Nada Debs, it combines elements of the Middle and Far East. Continue reading “Nada Debs Arabic Kufi Type”

Arabic Logotypes , Arabic/English Logotypes & English Logotypes

The Latest Arabic Logotypes , Arabic/English Logotypes & English Logotypes created by 29letters.

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Arabic Type-Bomb / lecture & workshop at AUS

I give a lecture on Arabic type at AUS (American University of Sharjah) on the 28th of April 2009. Design professionals and students from the UAE attended the lecture and participate in the Arabic type discussions that followed. A kufi workshop followed on the 29th and 30th of May for the seniors of AUS.

kufi aus 01
Mrs. and Mr. Kufi Monsters. ;)
Najla did the left pattern and Dina the right one.

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Corporate Identity Design Proposal / Beirut Art Center

The opening of Beirut Art Center is in February 2009. I have participated in the design pitch for the corporate identity for the art center. A different design approach was chosen by the comity of the center, but below is a sneak preview of what I presented to the center.

This is the corporate identity of Beirut Art Center that was proposed by 29letters. Continue reading “Corporate Identity Design Proposal / Beirut Art Center”

MoreCult Summer 09 Collection. Arabic Kufi Patterns in Fashion.

MoreCult is a new Dutch based fashion design firm working on creating cross cultural designs for casual youth clothing. Continue reading “MoreCult Summer 09 Collection. Arabic Kufi Patterns in Fashion.”

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