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29LT Azer : Multilingual Typeface


Azer in Arabic means friendly, ready to assist and lend a hand. This multilingual typeface combines simple lines with careful detailing to create a serious but approachable look. 29LT Azer fonts are unique! Continue reading “29LT Azer : Multilingual Typeface”

Right To Left workshop with eps51

Alongside Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma from eps51, I have giving a bilingual poster design workshop for design students at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin KHB, in Berlin, Germany. The workshop was part of the Right to Left event that took place in Berlin all through November until December.
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Shawati’ Magazine Corporate Type

An elegant contemporary Arabic and Latin type characterize the new corporate identity of Shawati’ Magazine, Abu Dhabi. The new design and layout of the magazine was complemented by the creation of a unique Arabic and Latin Display type.

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Arabic Logotypes , Arabic/English Logotypes & English Logotypes

The Latest Arabic Logotypes , Arabic/English Logotypes & English Logotypes created by 29letters.

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Logotype for Aylat Rashid (Rashid Family) new 3D Cartoon

Aylat Rashid is a new cartoon series that will be showing in Ramadan. It is the second 3D cartoon after Freej and it could be even better! I was asked by ToonWorks (the producing animation company of the program) to created the logotype. Below is a brief look on the design process from sketching to final 3D visual.
The two final options for the logotype that will be used in the 3D cartoon program.
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Experimental Arabic/Latin Font Adaptation workshop

A two days workshop at Zico House for design instructors from Dar Al- Hekma College. July 2009.
workshop-final- Display Arabic type created by Ghinwa.

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Arabic Logotype Adaptation for existing Latin Logotype

Creating Arabic adaptations for existing Latin logotype is not a matter a copy pasting (chopped-up & collage) letter parts from the Latin to create the Arabic, but a real understand of both Latin and Arabic script and the ability to work professionally with both of them. The Arabic adaptation should be drawn from scratch keeping in mind the proportions and characteristics of the Latin logotype.

Mike, LAU Byblos — Sketches for Chaos Arabic logotype adaptation.

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