Arabic Type Culture / Typo Cultura Árabe / ثقافة الخط العربي
Lectures at Casa Árabe Madrid & Córdoba.
Part of the Brief Festival

Madrid on 28Oct at 7:00PM
28 Octubre 19:00 h Madrid

Cordoba 29Oct at 7:30PM
29 Octubre 19:30 h Cordoba

De la caligrafía árabe a la tipografía contemporánea.
Conferencia del diseñador de tipografías Pascal Zoghbi (Beirut).

The talk is a journey between traditional Arabic calligraphy and contemporary Arabic typography and type design. Classical calligraphy and Islamic art is not lost but re-invented into modern Arabic typographic and design approaches that meets the visual aesthetics and trends of the modern Arab world of the 21st century. Specific Arabic letters analysis and showcases of present Arabic type projects will be showcased to visually analyse the typographic influences. What are the possible influences from the past, and what is the future of Arabic typography moving into. What is the role of technology and its effects on Arabic type functionality and aesthetics?