I have participated in the “Beirut” typographic poster design of Show Us Your Type and they have done a small interview about the design i did and my view about Beirut’s latest socio-political events.

I am only going to place the question about the design of the poster here, and you can read the whole interview on Show Us Your Type Blog.


For the past few months, Beirut has been experiencing a large amount of road-cut demonstrations. Black smoke and red fire rise from the burning tire-wheels to block Beirut and spread fear and panic through the Lebanese citizens. Burning tires and blocking roads became a trend for the lebanese to voice out their concerns and worries. Not a week passes by without a new political reason, being influenced from Lebanese or Syrian politics, is translated into burning blocked roads making the normal life style of Beirut’s transform into huge traffic jam, creating stress or chaos and fear. Beirut is burning realistically and mentally.

The poster shows “Beirut / بيروت ” word written in Arabic based on the road map of Beirut. Small read dots and swirling red lines represent the road cuts and burning tires. Beside the “Beirut / بيروت” word, the words “is burning with tire wheels / تحرقها الدواليب ” is hand drawn. The sea is colored red and a pattern of wheels cover it.