There was an array of interesting speakers at NUQAT Design Conference 2012 this year. Talks concerning contemporary use of Arab Islamic Art and Arabesque were addressed from Graphic Design, Type Designers, Products Designers, Jewelry Designers, Industrial Designers, Photographer, Calligraphers, etc.

From my part, I gave a talk about my journey in the Arabic Type Design field and gave a workshop about Kufic Arabesque constructions.

Arabic Type Now
DFIC Venue.
18th of March, 14:45

is a talk about the present status of Arabic fonts, Arabic type designers and the technology behind their creation and development. Different Arabic type design schools will be throughout the talk. Interesting contemporary Arabic typefaces will be showcased from the 29ArabicLetters [29LT] fonts collection and other renowned type foundries developing contemporary Arabic typefaces.

Square Kufi / Arabesque Patterns

Tashkeel Venue.
Afternoon Workshops: DAY 4 – 6
20th till the 22nd of March

The workshop will grant the participants the comprehension of Arabic Kufic patterns and will enable them to create their own Square and/or Floral Kufic patterns. The workshop will begin with a talk introducing the three main Kufic calligraphic styles: Archaic Kufic, Floral Modern Kufic and Square Kufic, and then it will move on to become a Hands-On drawing session of arabesque patterns. Participants will create arabesque typographic patterns from both the Floral and Square Kufic Letterforms and structures. Besides acquiring the technique of drawing Kufic, by the end of the workshop participants will be able to decipher Geometric Kufic patterns into words and sentences instead of perceiving them as abstract shapes.