Noto & Droid Arabic Naskh is now shipping with the latest Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. It is the default font for the Arabic script in the smart phones using the latest Android operating systems.

Noto & Droid Arabic Naskh can be downloaded from Google Font Directory for web and mobile usage.

The current mobile/web versions of the fonts have very short descenders to meet up with the technological limitations on the mobile and web platforms. The descenders of the Arabic letters “Ha'” & “Ain” are slightly shorter then the traditional calligraphic proportions, which might make them look un-proportional with the large open-counter base glyphs. A print version of the fonts is being developed at the moment with more calligraphic proportional ascender and descender heights. The Latin counterpart Droid Serif will be incorporated within the fonts to allow bi-script typesetting.

At the moment both the Arabic and Latin Droid Serif fonts can be downloaded separately from Google Web Font page and used alongside each other in bi-lingual publications.