UAE Embassy corporate font is based on the composition of the traditional Arabic Naskh Calligraphy. The font is created for the United Arabic Embassy in Washington, USA.

Sample letters with Caps, Initial, Medial and Final glyphs.

The font is based on the same concept as of an Arabic font. Each of the 26 Latin letters has Caps, Initial, Medial and Final shape enabling the letters to connect as in the Arabic script. The font is an attached Latin type. The drawing of the letters was all done using the Arabic calligraphic bamboo stick and based on the Naskh Calligraphic Style. The challenge was to keep the Latin letters legible while trying as much as possible to implement the Arabic calligraphic pen strokes and letterform structures.

Special ligatures were created for the letters (like the o and v) that connect from the top and not the bottom. The font was tested; modified and additional ligatures were added until all the connectivity of the letters was flawless.

Sample ligatures with Initial, Medial, Final and Isolated connections.

The renowned Dutch type designer Erik van Blokland developed the OpenType features that allowed the letters to connect properly and for problematic connecting pairs to be replaced by unique ligatures.