Nada Debs Arabic Kufi Type

This piece was created specially for “the future of tradition – the tradition of future” exhibition at hausderkunst in Munich. It challenges our perception of delicate islamic carpets. Following the trademark signature of Nada Debs, it combines elements of the Middle and Far East. Like tatami mats, it is composed of modular elements that combine to form a long islamic carpet. It combines old and new techniques: concrete inlaid with mother-of-pearl. It uses the Arabic script to create Haiku-like ‘concrete’ poetry, dedicating each of the 28 panels to one letter of the Arabic alphabet where all words starting with that letter are arranged to create a visual and musical rhythm.

The meaning of the carpet lies in its negation of a didactic meaning, and in Nada’s words: ‘it is what it is, it is grounded in the present moment. The font used in the design was developed in collaboration with Pascal Zoghbi as a corporate font for Nada Debs, and is presented for the first time in this design piece. It mixes the calligraphic tradition of Kanji and Arabic calligraphy in a contemporary geometric design, and in this sense is a true signature of Nada Debs.

Paragraph written by Huda AbiFares / Khatt Foundation.

Nada Debs’s Concrete Poetry on Concrete Carpetwas exhibited in the Khatt Foundation section of the exhibition entitled Letters Off the Page.

Nada Debs. Concrete Poetry on Concrete Carpet. 2010.
9m x 3m concrete slabs with mother of pearl.

Nada Debs. Concrete Poetry on Concrete Carpet. 2010.
9m x 3m concrete slabs with mother of pearl.

Nada Debs Arabic font is a simplified Kufi font with high contrast between the vertical and horizontal pen strokes.

Nada Debs design studio is a modern interior and industrial design house focusing on eastern patterns and geometry in the design of their furniture and spaces. The type is directly inspired from the diamond Arabic dot shape as well as the geometric Kufi script that is in close relationship with arabesque and eastern patterns.

The structure of the type allows it to be implemented easily into the eastern furniture. The letters can by carved into wood structures or imbedded into cement pieces…

The font reflects the identity of Nada Debs furniture which are elegant and modern pieces and at the same time based on the eastern arts and structures.

Karim Joreige designed the Latin letters in the font prior to the Arabic.

In return for the Arabic type design, Nadine Hajjar at Nada Debs design studio designed the desk and shelving system for my new studio.

The desk was designed with open drawers and metallic arabesque pattern imbedded into the black painted wood.

The shelving system is a large black wooden structure standing from the floor to the ceiling. The shelves and sections in it are created from the indic figures 29 referring to the name of my design studio.

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