Simplified abstract calligraphy of the word “Lamasat”. It is the logo for LamasaTech interactive firm. (The word “lamasat” is Arabic for several touches.)

LamasaTech is a multiple touch screen developers firm. They develop all kinds of complete bespoke multi-touch solutions, from point of sale tables to exhibition walls. They asked for an iconic logo inspired from Arabic calligraphy and culture and at the same time have a futuristic touch screen feel to it.

Simplified line art inspired from the persian calligraphy of the word Lamasat.

From the research made about multi-touch screens, two main visuals stood out.
1st the interactive flowing motion of the graphics on screen,
and 2nd the human hand which is interacting with the screen.

Abstract interactive calligraphy was created to resemble hand motion on a touch screen.

Traditional calligraphy was created and inserted into a Hamsa Hand. The Hamsa hand was drawn in a simplified iconic style to resemble the Arabic tradition in a modern way.

After several logo design options and trials, the client was asking for a simple icon that is inspired from Arabic calligraphy without having a strong oriental feel to it. Hence the simplification and abstraction of the “Lamasat” word calligraphy and trying to create a screen like icon that incorporate the abstract calligraphy and the interactive multi-touch screen visual.

Sketches for the screen like icon with abstract calligraphy integrated in it.