I did some Arabic Vernacular T-Shirts design in my spare time.
I would appreciate your comments on them.
You would buy any? There is a style you prefer against another? or…

The number of Arabic letters that creates the Arabic script is 29.
29 letters in Arabic will be “29 حرف”
It can be an educational t-shirt about the Arabic script.
It is also the name of my website and future company.
Graffiti style was implemented.

The word ENOUGH is written in Arabic in Graffiti style. Enough in Arabic is “بكفي”.
It is a social and political statement for the Arab politics and leaders.
Done in black & white to give a serious and gloomy feel.

The slang Lebanese sentence “شو في ما في؟” is used as “What’s Up?” in English.
It is used in the everyday life of the Lebanese people.
Graffiti style with happy fresh colors.

I Love … , I Love Taboulé, I Love Mankoushé, I Love my neighbor…
I love in Arabic is “إنا بحب”.

The I Love NY visual is done in Arabic.
It can be only I Love. And the owner can write what he wants under it.
Or some Arabic loveable items and food can be written below it.

Comments and Suggestions are most welcomed