The first Arabic typeface in the FontFont library, Pascal Zoghbi’s design was originally called Sada, the Arabic word for “echo”. Accordingly, this face is the echo of FF Seria by Martin Majoor. FF Seria Arabic is a young crispy type based on the Nasekh style. The Regular and Bold are text typefaces, the Light is both display and text type, while the Black is purely a display typeface. Besides FF Seria, this Arabic face works well together with all modern serif fonts that share similar proportions and characteristics. FF Seria Arabic also functions independently as a modern Arabic type.

The intro text was taken from the FontShop newsletter.


SeriaArabic is an improved version of Sada.
Below is a list of the changes:
1. SeriaArabic is a bi-script Arabic/Latin type-family and not only Arabic fonts as in Sada.

2. SeriaArabic is an OpenType Arabic type-family compared to TrueType fonts in Sada.

3. SeriaArabic type-family contains Light and a Black weight besides the Regular and the Bold of Sada.

4. Some Arabic glyphs in SeriaArabic are improved and changed from Sada.

5. Advanced Spacing/Kerning and Hinting are added to SeriaArabic which are not present in Sada.

6. SeriaArabic works on all applications that support Arabic script on Macintosh and Windows unlike Sada that only works in Adobe CS ME applications.

Seria Arabic Light, Regular, Bold and Black.

Comparison of some of the glyphs that were improved.


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