Bombing Beirut – Arabic Graffiti Workshop

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of November I took part of an Arabic graffiti workshop which was given by the German graffiti artist Mr. Don Karl. It was great to finally meet up with Lebanese graffiti artist and get to know the people behind the graffiti and tags in Beirut.


Don Karl is known as the STONE. He is one of the pioneers of European Graffiti. Two years ago he did a workshop in Cuba and Brazil, and this workshop in Beirut is only the preparation for a bigger graffiti event that will take place in Beirut soon.

This rooster character is like Don Karl’s signature.

The wall that was bombed with beautiful Arabic graffiti is on the road from “Mat7af” to “Karantina” facing “Peugeot” show room.

I learned a lot from the workshop about the graffiti process. Before going to workshop, I thought all the graffiti was done by spray and directly on the wall… but it turned out there is a whole design process behind good graffiti as any other design project. Below are pics of the steps of graffiti and shows the progress of my first Arabic graffiti in Beirut.


1st: Sketching the graffiti on paper after finding an idea. Mine asks the question: How is the Arab?


2nd: Drawing the design on the wall using chalk.



3rd: Filling up the design with epoxy colored paint using the roll or brush.

Here you can see the design all colored but there is still no outlines to it.


4th: Adding the outlines and highlights using the spray.

I am getting some help from Don with the outlines since in needed a professional graffiti hand.


5th: Adding the last touches with spray and signing the graffiti


Below are pics of the other graffiti that were done in the workshop:

“3amal Na7rikha” by the Arabic Rap band Katiba5. Jazar, Molotov & 3amro.

“Katiba5” by Jazar from Kabita5.

Fish and spray character graffiti by Fish. Fish is part of the graffiti group REK

“Al Shari3” by Kiméwé.

“6 kaf” by Siska also from REK.

“lim3além” by Ze M3alem also from REK.
you can also see the work of Ze M3alem on his facebook. Also the website Lebanese Street Art is coming soon.

Lebanese character with Tarboush.

Heart with wings by Rand Marzi.


and a cute littler girl how simply joined in.

It seems that over the last two years the culture of graffiti is growing fast in Lebanon. You can become part of “Parekour + Graffitti” group on facebook to be in contact with most of the graffiti artists in Lebanon. Not all the Lebanese Graffiti groups were present in the workshop. Other groups like “Ashekman” who are also a Lebanese rap band, and other more like “P+G Group”

For all the Lebanese Graffiti artists that are not mentioned in this article please add your names and links to your websites or facebook. Thanks.

27 thoughts on “Bombing Beirut – Arabic Graffiti Workshop

Add yours

  1. Congratulations on a beautiful beginning in Beirut! I am excited to visit there soon and see pieces. May this be part of a creative peace project in the region!

  2. hi don!!
    this project is very revolutionary!
    …..”bombing beirut”…So cool!
    Big up man, we are waiting for you again in Bologna (Italy)
    Paz e Respeito

  3. don hi, i love the title : “bombing beirut” i love the twist…
    the result looks beautiful, i’m going to check it on my way today, the project should definitely grow bigger, and the non-political messages is very important, just to see beyong our eveyday political-empty-silly-creasy-fights…
    i wanna be a part of the drawing next time….
    hope to see you soon, take care, and “bravo”….

  4. The credits for the title “Bombing Beirut” have to go to Pascal. I really love it, too!!! He was also helping a lot during the workshop with his knowledge about arabic writing and typodesign.
    Thanx Pascal! I hope we will expand this together…

  5. Hi Don and all the other sprayers,
    i love your work, it looks amazing. Real great work. It is a pitty, that i forgot the place, otherwise i would join you. Go for it and tell me, if you do it again.

  6. pls if you can send me this writting in arabic with good designe
    because im leaving in brasil and i dont know how i will get this

    rida allah wa rida al waliden


    1. hey guys

      interested in some media reports about your graffiti skills?
      I am german journalist coming to beirut in july 2009. Would like to meet some artists to talk about their work.

      just give me a msg

  7. wow..I never seen Arabic Graffiti before, and I loved the idea of the workshop… I am from kuwait and I am searching more aboutIGraffiti and i have got some photos from street art in Kuwait as well, all in English, however. thanks alot…. i need to learn more…cheeerz

  8. wooow thats great this is the first time i discover theres tallent people specially arabs continue this hard work … beside i love the cute girl

  9. I drove past that area a few weeks and i stopped to take photos, but my batteries had died, now I see they’re all here with the artists! Great job pascal & the rest!

    ps. i know ur too cool for school, but i hope we see u at linda’s from time to time :)

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