Ma7rousa ya 3arousa entry in the Mulsaq Project.
Cargo trucks in Lebanon and the Middle East are usually painted with Arabic calligraphy using vernacular Arabic words. The Arabic word “mahrousa” is literarily painted on every cargo truck in Lebanon mostly on the back of the trunk or above the back wheels. Alongside this word, there is always an eye figure drawn next to it or a baby shoes hanging from beneath it. The word and figures are meant to bring good luck to the truck and prevent it from the envy and jealous eyes. The words “mahrousa ya ‘arousa” is typeset using “Alef Caps” type, which is one of my fonts originally designed for Alef Magazine, chosen for the “mcharabiya” arabesque star-shaped pixel pattern, emphasizing the Middle Eatsern flavor of the design. The baby shoe can be stuck hanging from the mirror or directly from the arabesque letters.