I was asked to create an Arabic Hip Hop style title for the Deen Tight Movie. The title is spelled in English but it should reflect the Arabic Square kufi style and incorporate the Hip Hop look in it.

The rough texture was added to the title to give it more vernacular feel. An outline version can be also used which makes the title look like graffiti.

The English letters were created from square kufi Arabic letter-forms. For Exmaple the “d” is the “tah”, the “e” are the base form of the “feh” and “qaf”, the “n” is the “noon” flipped and so on.

A “kasra” and “skoun” are added to the “d” and “n” respectively to refer to the origin of the “deen” word which is Arabic.

Below are some trials of different design approachs.

Primarily trials with Square and Floral Kufi options. Experimenting with Upper-Case and lower-case.

The logotype I created will not be used for the main title of the movie but might be used in secondary visuals for the movie or on items.

you can have a look on logotype of the main title for the movie on BOKSMATI GRAPHIX.