3D Square Kufi

3D square Kufi workshop at LAU [ Lebanese American University]

Khaldoun Hamzeh’s work 3D Pattern, Word: 2ahlan

Khaldoun Hamzeh’s work 2D Pattern, Word: 2ahlan

The brief of this workshop was the same as the “Vernacular Kufi Workshop” but it was taken one step further of transforming the 2D square Kufi patterns into 3D objects.

Class pin-up and discussion

Linda Aridi’s work 3D Pattern, Word: ma ma32oulé

Linda Aridi’s work 2D Pattern, Word: ma ma32oulé

Creating the pattern from the module on the light table.

May Shaaban’s work 3D Pattern, Word: 2al 7amid lil lah

May Shaaban’s work 2D Pattern, Word: 2al 7amid lil lah

Sketching the pattern on tracing paper after module is finalized. Word: kteer jou3ané.

Jubran Elias’s work 3D Pattern, Word: kifak tamém

Jubran Elias’s work 2D Pattern, Word: kifak tamém

Constructing 3D pattern using separate small modules.

Creating square module on millimeters paper using the grid system.

Reem Itani’s 3D pattern using squarish modules to construct the whole pattern.

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