The New design of “Emarat Al Youm” newspaper in Dubai is out with its’ headlines set in “Imarat Headlines” typeface that i have created for them alongside “TheMix Arabic” which is used for the newspaper sections titles.


p.s. The Logotype is the same as in the old Layout of the newspaper. I did not do the logotype.

You can see the fonts in use on the online e-paper version of “Emarat Al Youm” newspaper. And if you live in Dubai, you can just buy the newspaper. ;)

For more info about the fonts, you can read the previous posts about “Imarat Headlines” and “TheMix Arabic”.

Here are some snap shoots from the new design with “Imarat Headlines” & “TheMix Arabic” in use. The new Layout was designed by ‘InnovAtion Media Consulting’. You can also read about the project on their website.


This pic is a close up from a page from the newspaper where they explain the new changes in the design and typefaces. Here is the description of the new headlines font, “Imarat Headlines”, that replaced the old one. The phrase translate to english as: “The newspaper chose a new typeface that is modern and active”.


Here is some other snap shoots of the newspaper.