Imarat is an Arabic newspaper type family consisting of “Imarat Headlines” & “Imarat Text”. “Imarat Headlines” is a display type for use in the headlines and titling of a newspaper, while “Imarat Text” is for the copy text of the newspaper. “Imarat Headlines” will be exclusive for 3 years for “Emarat Al Youm” newspaper in Dubai starting from 2008. The newspaper needed a new, young and crispy headlines type that will appeal to their young readers. You can see the font in use on the online e-paper version of “Emarat Al Youm” newspaper.


Imarat Headlines
Imarat Headlines is a young, strong and bold Arabic typeface based on the Neo-Naskh style (Naskh Mastari). It is a crispy type with a medium contrast (neither high nor low in contrast; in-between) and condensed letters to make long headline sentences fit on the tabloid. The stroke weight is balanced in the letters and not like other headline typefaces where the baseline is so thick and the letters are week and appear like small upper and lower strokes. Imarat Headlines has a strong baseline and the letters sit strongly on it without making the baseline thicker then the letters by themselves. What also gives Imarat Headlines the sturdy look is the very large Loop and tooth heights and short ascender and descender heights.


Imarat text
Imarat text is still in development and is intended for use in newspaper copy text. It is a condensed flowing Naskh style typeface with short ascenders and descenders in order to be set with a small inter-linear space.