Fnikiya is an all Caps Display font based on the ancient Phoenician alphabet. The font is originally created for Alarm Editions publishing house in Beirut. The font will be used in their next book publishing “La Phénicie”. (La Phénicie , Tatiana Baher & Norica-Daniela El-Hallak, Illustations drawn by Lebanese children, Alarm Editions 2007)


“La Phénicie” is a children book about the history of the Phoenicians. The primarily font was directly based on the Phoenician alphabet but it was illegible for children. Due to this fact, I decided to create three fonts: Fnikiya One, Fnikiya Two and Fnikiya Three. Fnikiya One is the closest to the original Phoenician alphabet, while Fnikiya Three is the furthest. After several legibility tests, Fnikiya Two was chosen for the titles of the book.


Notice the differences between the three fonts. For info about the font please visit my blog. Fnikiya type can be used in projects and publications about Phoenician History or Alphabet. The font is free for use. Contact me for a free sample.

Bellow are pictures of the original Phoenician Alphabet:


And here is some of closeups on my type used in the titles of the book: