Vernacular Kufi Workshop

‘Vernacular Kufi’ is a new approach that I thought of in order to introduce the kufi workshop to the AUB Typography II students and make them interested in it.


Here is a brief summary of the workshop’s objectives and methodology:


1. Students will research the Arabic Calligraphic Styles and get more
familiar with the anatomy of Arabic letters.

2. The “Sketching Type” techniques will be introduced in class. Students
will be able to draw and sketch type in a professional manner.

3. The three known Kufi styles (archaic, floral and square) will be introduced in class and student will practice drawing them.

4. By the end of the project, each student would have created his
own kufi artwork based on the three Kufi styles.



1. Research about Lebanese vernacular words or sentences.

2. Each student will then choose a vernacular word (or few words)
to be used in the creation of the Kufi artwork.

3. A lecture will be given about:
a. Anatomy of the Arabic letters,
b. Arabic Calligraphic Styles,
c. The three most know Kufi Styles,
d. Drawing Arabic type & the proportion of Arabic letters.
e. Techniques of creating Arabesque patterns that fits with the kufi letters.

4. Each student will choose one of the three Kufi styles
discussed in the lecture. The choice should have a link to the word
and the feel of the artwork that the student wants to show.

5. Sketching the drawing the word from different approaches.
Creating several alternatives.

6. Choosing on of the sketched alternatives and finalizing the
Kufi artwork.

7. Testing the artwork in different sizes (big and small) and
modifying the artwork until all weak points are removed.

8. Coloring the Kufi artwork.








By the end of the Workshop each of the students did one square and one floral kufi of his/her Lebanese vernacular word/s.















27 thoughts on “Vernacular Kufi Workshop

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  1. i m graphic desiger in pakistan. i love all these work, & this site. i love Arabic Typography work.
    Good Luck Every One

  2. هاي انا حازم من جامعة بيرو السكندريه انا محتاج مسعده من اي حد من طلاب جامعة بيروت في لبنان ارجو عدم اهمل تلك الرساله و تقديم المساعده

  3. احنا في اسكندريه بنعمل مجله عن جامعة بيروت ومحتاج حد من الطلاب عشان ادر اعرف الجو هناك ايه إلي بيحبو وايه بيكرهو انا في ادب اعلام بيروت بس اسكندريه ده اميلي ياريت حد يساعد

  4. Hi there!
    I was just looking for some boks related to Typography – letraset.
    I am into graphic design and animations. its really a good glance I had to see the way you putting your talents.

    Ahamad – India

  5. Mashallah, I am a graphic designer and i search net all the time for arabic and quranic Calligraphy you guys are doing a great job

  6. I am a contemporary artist and graphic designer from Malaysia. I am mad about kufi typography and aI have produced more than 600 masterpieces. Maybe yoy should follow up my blog and give me your comment

  7. I am a school teacher based in the UK, please do contact me as I am very interested in discussing possible ways of working together. Kind regards

  8. Hi, I’m Abid from karachi, Pakistan. I’m also a calligraphy student. I’m learning Nuskh. I love kofi. Can you guys tell me where I can get some tips online.

  9. Dear friends,

    This is Celal Ibrahim,

    I live in Istanbul and here in Istanbul i know a lot of skillful islamic calligraphers but what a pity Turkish calligraphers whom i know are not interest in square kufic form.

    I want to write my son’s name ( mehmet ceyhun ) in square kufic. Can you help me please. The scanned draft will be sufficent for me. I am a graph designer if you send me the draft i can re-draw it in a graphic application.

    Jalal, ( )

  10. صباح الخير انا طالب دراسات عليا ماجستير احضر رساله عن الخط الكوفي المربع اعجبني الموقع والتفاعل من المشاركين ارجو التواصل ممن يحب لانني جمعت معلومات قيمة عن الكوفي المربع عبدالله – السعودية
    Good morning I am a graduate student brought a message from Master Kufic square I liked the site and I hope the interaction of the participants who loves to communicate that I collected valuable information about the Kufi square Abdullah – Saudi Arabia

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