Vernacular Arabic calligraphy in Lebanon is everywhere.
As signage for traditional Lebanese shops, on the walls, on trucks…

What is interesting about this truck is the hierarchy and layout of the type; alongside the company logo, there is the symbols of the Cedar tree and other vernacular Arabic writings. On the 1st level: The Logos of the company are on the sides. In the middle it is a two words saying that can be translated as “God Bless”. On the 2nd level: on the sides there is the road signs for “Pass from the left” and “Do not pass on the right”. In the middle there is two eyes looking at you. And on each side of the eyes there is an Arabic saying that can be translated as “keep the envy eye away”. On the 3rd level (the lower last section of the trunk, there is one word in the middle that can be translated as “the protected one” or “the beloved” or … you can also spot some words on the wheels section and the lights. There is also a very big Calligraphy on the front end of the trunk but it does not show in the pic, but seeing the truck moving on the road is just amazing. I saw this truck when I was going up to Shouf to give a typography course at the NDU Shouf Campus. I was driving behind it and trying as much as I can to take a photo of it without making an accident. Hehehe. I shot several pictures trying to also show the front end of the truck but it did not work out. The driver of the truck was going too fast and the road is full of curves. It is a typical crazy Lebanese Truck driver on Lebanese mountain roads. ;)

And here is another picture of calligraphy on a yellow truck.


i will post new pictures of trucks whenever i see a new one on the roads.